The Oubliette

GUYS. GUYS. So I set up our first incubator (with turning rack and circulation fan accessories) last night and fiddled with it until the temperature was right and today I put our first batch of eggs in it!!!

The HUGE white ones are all from our best layer, Lydia the white leghorn, while the tiny white egg (which is in front of the three brown eggs) came from one of our newest brown leghorn hens. The three brown eggs are all from our buff orpingtons, while the six greenies were laid by our EE hen (who looks like the perfect Ameraucana hen, except that she doesn’t lay blue eggs) and her eggs have been almost 100% fertile every time we checked them. Lyida’s white eggs will probably have a very low hatch rate, as our oldest roo, Dovah (also a white leghorn) is VERY protective of her and I don’t think he’s got lead in his pencil anymore. She’s also pretty old, as far as I know. I’m not sure about the brown leghorn egg or the orpingtons, because we only got them settled yesterday. They WERE cooped with a rooster at their previous home, as far as I understand it, so we figured we might as well give it a go!

SO I’M IN FOR AN EXCITING THREE WEEKS. Here’s hoping something comes of it!

  1. fluffbutts said: This is so interesting I hope you keep posting updates! C:
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    8D AHHHHH DER BERBERS. *nances in circles*
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  4. bejenevieve said: this is probably a silly question but.. do you incubate them so the roosters don’t peck them?
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    Chickens are fun to raise :) Looks like you’re in for quite a few of them.
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